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  • Creative innovation in spanish construction firms 

    Correa-Becerra, Christian; Yepes, Víctor; Pellicer, Eugenio; Alarcón, Luis F. (2016)
    Small-sized and medium-sized contractors are characterized by organizational structures that are highly focused on control. As a result, employees concentrate on day-to-day activities with little time or motivation to ...

  • Model for systematic innovation in construction companies 

    Pellicer, Eugenio; Yepes, Víctor; Correa-Becerra, Christian; Alarcón, Luis F. (2014)
    The reasons that drive construction companies to innovate, as well as the processes they use, have not yet been fully explored in the construction management literature. This paper describes the “hows” and “whys” behind ...

  • Organizational improvement through standardization of the innovation process in construction firms 

    Pellicer, Eugenio; Correa-Becerra, Christian; Yepes, Víctor; Alarcón, Luis F. (2012)
    The purpose of this article is to identify the drivers, success factors, benefits, and barriers to innovation in a medium size construction firm with a standardized innovation management system. The case study method is ...