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  • Comparison of two different frailty measurements and risk of hospitalisation or death from COVID-19: findings from UK Biobank 

    Petermann-Rocha, Fanny; Hanlon, Peter; Gray, S.R.; Welsh, Paul; Gill, Jason M.R.; Foster, Hamish M. E.; Katikireddi, Vittal S.; Lyall, Donald; Mackay, Daniel; O’Donnell, Catherine A.; Sattar, Naveed; Nicholl, Barbara I.; Pell, J.P.; Jani, Bhautesh D.; Ho, Frederick; Mair, Frances S.; Celis-Morales, Carlos (2020)
    Background. Frailty has been associated with worse prognosis following COVID-19 infection. While several studies have reported the association between frailty and COVID-19 mortality or length of hospital stay, there have ...