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  • Assessing wood properties on hybrid poplars using rapid phenotyping tools 

    Yáñez, Marco; Zamudio, Francisco; Espinoza-Meza, Sergio; Ponce, Mauricio; Gajardo, John; Espinosa, Cristian (2021)
    There is a growing interest in improving wood properties through clonal selection. However, traditional methods for determining wood properties are difficult to implement at the scale required for large-scale selection ...

  • Growth and biomass partitioning of nine provenances of Quillaja saponaria seedlings to water stress 

    Magni, Carlos R.; Espinoza-Meza, Sergio; Poch, Paola; Abarca, Betsabé; Grez, Iván; Martínez, Eduardo; Yáñez, Marco; Santelices-Moya, Rómulo; Cabrera-Ariza, Antonio (2019)
    Information on the morphological and physiological responses of seedlings to stressors, such as water stress, is required for successful early establishment of seedlings. We examined provenance variation in morphological ...

  • Growth of radiata pine families in nursery and two years after field establishment 

    Espinoza-Meza, Sergio; Ivković, Miloš; Yáñez, Marco; Magni, Carlos R.; Santelices-Moya, Rómulo; Cabrera-Ariza, Antonio (2020)
    Pinus radiata D. Don is the most widely planted exotic species in Australia, Chile, New Zealand and Spain. In this study, growth and survival of P. radiata were compared in 30 open pollinated families grown under two ...