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  • A tradeoff between fitness‐related traits mask facilitation in a semiarid ecosystem 

    Molina-Montenegro, Marco A.; Baldelomar, Mariela; Atala, Cristian; Torres-Díaz, Cristian (2020)
    In stressful environments, a nurse plant can ameliorate harsh biotic and abiotic conditions for another plant species that grows within its canopy. This canopy can act as a barrier for herbivores, reducing damage to the ...

  • Positive interaction between shrubs and native orchids in a Mediterranean ecosystem 

    Atala, Cristian; Baldelomar, Mariela; Torres-Díaz, Cristian; Pereira, Guillermo; Cacciuttolo, Felipe; Vargas, Reinaldo; Molina-Montenegro, Marco A. (2020)
    In the Mediterranean portion of Central Chile, where anthropic disturbances are common and severe, precipitations could drastically decrease and temperatures increase due to climate change. In this ecological context, ...