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  • Evaluation of future climate change scenarios in urban heat island and its neighborhood using dynamical downscaling 

    Bueno-Morais, Marcos V.; Urbina Guerrero, Viviana V.; Rudke, Anderson Paulo; Fujita, Thais; Droprinchinski Martins, Leila; Martins, Jorge Alberto (2020)
    According to IPCC reports, global climate change is likely to be accompanied by a greater frequency, intensity, and duration of heat waves in urban areas. This is related to predicted and ongoing variation of atmospheric ...

  • Land cover data of Upper Parana River Basin, South America, at high spatial resolution 

    Rudke, Anderson Paulo; Fujita, Thais; Sanches de Almeida, Daniela; Moreira Eiras, Marilia; Freitas Xavier, Ana Carolina; Abou Rafee, Sameh Adib; Barbosa Santos, Eliane; Bueno-Morais, Marcos V.; Droprinchinski Martins, Leila; Andreoli de Souza, Rita Valéria; Ferreira Souza, Rodrigo Augusto; Hallak, Ricardo; Dias de Freitas, Edmilson; Bertacchi Uvo, Cintia; Martins, Jorge Alberto (2019)
    This study presents a new land cover map for the Upper Paraná River Basin (UPRB-2015), with high spatial resolution (30 m), and a high number of calibration and validation sites. To the new map, 50 Landsat-8 scenes were ...