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  • Dissociable neural information dynamics of perceptual integration and differentiation during bistable perception 

    Canales-Johnson, Andrés F.; Billig, Alexander; Olivares, Francisco; Gonzalez, Andrés; Garcia, María; Silva, Walter; Vaucheret, Esteban; Ciraolo, Carlos; Mikulan, Ezequiel; Ibanez, Agustín; Huepe, David; Noreika, Valdas; Chennu, Srivas; Bekinschtein, Tristan A. (2020)
    At any given moment, we experience a perceptual scene as a single whole and yet we may distinguish a variety of objects within it. This phenomenon instantiates two properties of conscious perception: integration and ...

  • In your phase: neural phase synchronisation underlies visual imagery of faces 

    Canales-Johnson, Andrés F.; Lanfranco, Renzo C.; Morales, Juan Pablo; Martínez-Pernía, David; Valdés, Joaquín; Ezquerro-Nassar, Alejandro; Rivera-Rei, Álvaro; Ibanez, Agustín; Chennu, Srivas; Bekinschtein, Tristan A.; Huepe, David; Noreika, Valdas (2021)
    Mental imagery is the process through which we retrieve and recombine information from our memory to elicit the subjective impression of “seeing with the mind’s eye”. In the social domain, we imagine other individuals while ...