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  • Durability of geothermal grouting materials considering extreme loads 

    Indacoechea-Vega, I,; Pascual-Muñoz, P.; Castro-Fresno, D.; Zamora-Barraza, David (2018)
    The concern about the massive use of the non-renewable and very limited fossil fuels together with the well-known effects of the global warming makes it more necessary the efficient use of the current forms of renewable ...

  • Experimental analysis of enhanced cement-sand-based geothermal grouting materials 

    Pascual-Muñoz, P.; Indacoechea-Vega, I; Zamora-Barraza, David; Castro-Fresno, D. (2018)
    Nowadays, Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) are achieving significant efficiencies, mostly because of the development of their electromechanical components. However, concepts such as the technical performance of the grouting ...