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  • Cardy formula for charged black holes with anisotropic scaling 

    Bravo-Gaete, Moises; Gómez, Sebastián; Hassaïne, Mokhtar (2015)
    We first observe that for Lifshitz black holes of which the only charge is the mass, the resulting Smarr relation is a direct consequence of the Lifshitz Cardy formula. From this observation, we propose to extend the Cardy ...

  • Thermodynamics of dyonic black holes with Thurston horizon geometries 

    Bravo-Gaete, Moises; Hassaïne, Mokhtar (2018)
    In five dimensions, we consider a model described by the Einstein gravity with a source given by a scalar field and various Abelian gauge fields with dilatoniclike couplings. For this model, we are able to construct two ...