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  • An exhaustive algorithm based on GPU to process a kNN query 

    Riquelme, Javier A.; Barrientos, Ricardo ORCID; Hernández-García, Ruber; Navarro, Cristóbal A. (2020)
    The Nearest Neighbors search is a widely used technique with applications on several classification problems. Particularly, the k-nearest neighbor (kNN) algorithm is a well-known method used in modern information retrieval ...

  • GPU tensor cores for fast arithmetic reductions 

    Navarro, Cristóbal A.; Carrasco, Roberto; Barrientos, Ricardo ORCID; Riquelme, Javier A.; Vega, Raimundo (2021)
    This article proposes a parallel algorithm for computing the arithmetic reduction of $n$ numbers as a set of matrix-multiply accumulate (MMA) operations that are executed simultaneously by GPU tensor cores. The analysis, ...