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  • Development of a spatialized atmospheric emission inventory for the main industrial sources in Brazil 

    Kawashima, Ana B.; Droprinchinski Martins, Leila; Abou Rafee, Sameh Adib; Rudke, Anderson Paulo; Bueno-Morais, Marcos V.; Martins, Jorge Alberto (2020)
    In this work, atmospheric pollutant emissions of NOx, SOx, CO, particulate matter (PM), total organic compounds (TOC), and CO2 from larger stationary sources of pollutants in Brazil were inventoried and spatialized over ...

  • Land cover data of Upper Parana River Basin, South America, at high spatial resolution 

    Rudke, Anderson Paulo; Fujita, Thais; Sanches de Almeida, Daniela; Moreira Eiras, Marilia; Freitas Xavier, Ana Carolina; Abou Rafee, Sameh Adib; Barbosa Santos, Eliane; Bueno-Morais, Marcos V.; Droprinchinski Martins, Leila; Andreoli de Souza, Rita Valéria; Ferreira Souza, Rodrigo Augusto; Hallak, Ricardo; Dias de Freitas, Edmilson; Bertacchi Uvo, Cintia; Martins, Jorge Alberto (2019)
    This study presents a new land cover map for the Upper Paraná River Basin (UPRB-2015), with high spatial resolution (30 m), and a high number of calibration and validation sites. To the new map, 50 Landsat-8 scenes were ...

  • Mapping past landscapes using landsat data. Upper Paraná River Basin in 1985 

    Bueno-Morais, Marcos V.; Rudke, Anderson Paulo; Freitas Xavier, Ana Carolina; Fujita, Thais; Abou Rafee, Sameh Adib; Droprinchinski Martins, Leila; Toledo de Almeida Albuquerque, Taciana; Dias de Freitas, Edmilson; Martins, Jorge Alberto (2020)
    During the last decades, the science of remote sensing of the Earth's surface has produced an enormous amount of data. In parallel, with the increase in computational capacity, several classification methods have been ...