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  • Durability of geothermal grouting materials considering extreme loads 

    Indacoechea-Vega, I,; Pascual-Muñoz, P.; Castro-Fresno, D.; Zamora-Barraza, David (2018)
    The concern about the massive use of the non-renewable and very limited fossil fuels together with the well-known effects of the global warming makes it more necessary the efficient use of the current forms of renewable ...

  • Experimental analysis of enhanced cement-sand-based geothermal grouting materials 

    Pascual-Muñoz, P.; Indacoechea-Vega, I; Zamora-Barraza, David; Castro-Fresno, D. (2018)
    Nowadays, Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) are achieving significant efficiencies, mostly because of the development of their electromechanical components. However, concepts such as the technical performance of the grouting ...

  • Influence of early colour degradation of asphalt pavements on their thermal behaviour 

    Pascual-Muñoz, P.; Castro-Fresno, D.; Carpio, J.; Zamora-Barraza, David (2014)
    Environmental goals such as the reduction of fossil fuel consumption or greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through the development of new renewable energy sources have led to the emergence of the so called asphalt solar ...