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  • Genetic and symptomatic characterization of sugarcane mosaic virus (SCMV) in Cuba 

    Puchades, Yaquelin; La O. Hechavarría, María de la Luz; Montalván, Joaquín; Carvajal, Omelio; Martínez, Yamila; Zardón, María A.; Mesa, José M.; Lissbrant, Sofía; Arencibia-Rodríguez, Ariel (2016)
    Sugarcane mosaic resistance is established as a key criterion for the breeding program in Cuba. However, molecular characterization of Sugarcane mosaic virus (SCMV) strains occurring in Cuba has not been reported so far. ...

  • Genotyping of sugarcane yellow leaf virus in commercial cultivars and the cuban germplasm collection 

    Aday Diaz, Osmany de la Caridad; La O. Hechavarría, María de la Luz; Puchades Izaguirre, Yaquelin; Zardón Navarro, María de los Ángeles; Mesa Lopez, José María; Lissbrant, Sofía; Puchades, Yaquelin; Arencibia-Rodríguez, Ariel (2017)
    Sugarcane yellow leaf disease caused by Sugarcane yellow leaf virus (SCYLV) was spread over the world through infected germplasm. This study was conducted in order to determine the presence of SCYLV in commercial fields ...

  • Management flowering ability to increase efficiency in the sugarcane breeding program 

    Caraballoso, Víctor; Jorge, Héctor; García, Héctor; González, Alberto; Bernal, Norge; Céspedes, Arián; Rodríguez, Reynaldo; Puchades, Yaquelin; Arencibia-Rodríguez, Ariel (2012)
    Flowering abilities (panicles initiation period, flowering intensity and pollen fertility) at different altitudes (100, 400, 800 m above sea level) were evaluated in hundred sugarcane cultivars. Flowering data and ...