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  • Dietary restraint and self-discrepancy in male university students 

    Adasme-Berríos, Cristian ORCID; Orellana, Ligia; Grunert, Klaus G.; Sepúlveda, José; Lobos, Germán; Denegri, Marianela; Miranda, Horacio; Mora, Marcos; Etchebarne, Soledad; Salinas-Oñate, Natalia; Schnettler, Berta (2016)
    Self-discrepancy describes the distance between an ideal and the actual self. Research suggests that selfdiscrepancy and dietary restraint are related, causing a significant impact on the person's well-being. However, ...

  • Dietary restraint, life satisfaction and self-discrepancy by gender in university students 

    Schnettler, Berta; Grunert, Klaus G.; Orellana, Ligia; Sepúlveda, José; Miranda, Horacio; Lobos, Germán; Adasme-Berríos, Cristian ORCID; Denegri, Marianela; Mora, Marcos; Salinas-Oñate, Natalia; Hueche, Clementina; Etchebarne, Soledad (2017)
    This study aimed to characterize dieting and non-dieting university students by gender, based on their satisfaction with life and their food-related life, self-discrepancy, food behavior and health-related aspects. A ...

  • Relationship between the domains of the Multidimensional Students’ Life Satisfaction Scale, satisfaction with food-related life and happiness in university students 

    Adasme-Berríos, Cristian ORCID; Schnettler, Berta; Orellana, Ligia; Lobos, Germán; Miranda, Horacio; Sepúlveda, José; Etchebarne, Soledad; Mora, Marcos; Grunert, Klaus G. (2015)
    Objetivo: caracterizar tipologías de estudiantes universitarios según la satisfacción en dominios de la vida que afectan a los hábitos alimentarios, satisfacción con la alimentación y nivel de felicidad subjetiva. Material ...