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  • Physical growth and biological maturation of children and adolescents: Proposed reference curves 

    Cossio-Bolaños, Marco Antonio ORCID; Leite Portella, D.; De Arruda, Miguel; Gómez-Campos, Rossana; Checkin Portella, G.; Lee-Andruske, Cynthia (2017)
    The study of physical growth variables in terms of chronological age and biological maturation may provide a common reference point to reflect on the occurrence of body dimensions in and between individuals. The objectives ...

  • Physical growth and body adiposity curves in students of the Maule Region (Chile) 

    Gómez-Campos, Rossana; De Arruda, Miguel; Lee-Andruske, Cynthia; Leite Portella, D.; Pacheco-Carrillo, Jaime; Urra-Albornoz, Camilo; Sulla-Torres, José; Luarte Rocha, Cristian; Cossio-Bolaños, Marco Antonio ORCID (2019)
    Objectives: Physical growth and body adiposity patterns provide relevant information to infer the nutritional and health status of students. Our objectives were (a) to compare the variables of body adiposity and physical ...