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  • Functional roles of microbial symbionts in plant cold tolerance 

    Acuña-Rodríguez, Ian S.; Newsham, Kevin K.; Gundel, Pedro E.; Torres-Díaz, Cristian; Molina-Montenegro, Marco A. (2020)
    In this review, we examine the functional roles of microbial symbionts in plant tolerance to cold and freezing stresses. The impacts of symbionts on antioxidant activity, hormonal signaling and host osmotic balance are ...

  • Penicillium spp. mycotoxins found in food and feed and their health effects 

    Otero, C.; Arredondo, C.; Echeverría-Vega, Alex; Gordillo-Fuenzalida, Felipe (2020)
    Mycotoxins are toxic secondary metabolites produced by fungi. These compounds have different structures and target different organs, acting at different steps of biological processes inside the cell. Around 32 mycotoxins ...