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  • Light quality in plant tissue culture: does it matter? 

    Silva Batista, Diego; Sousa Felipe, Sergio Heitor; Dulcineia Silva, Tatiane; Motta de Castro, Kamila; Mamedes-Rodrigues, Talita Cristina; Amaral Miranda, Natane; Ríos-Ríos, Anyela Marcela; Vidal Faria, Daniele; Alexandre Fortini, Evandro; Chagas, Kristhiano; Torres-Silva, Gabriela; Xavier, Aloisio; Arencibia-Rodríguez, Ariel; Campos Otoni, Wagner (2018)
    The primary issues regarding the lack of protocol reproducibility among laboratories are environmental factors. Light (quantity and particularly quality), is one of those main factors, and studies seldom present the spectral ...