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  • Gastric tumor microenvironment 

    Rojas, Armando ORCID; Araya, Paulina; González-Bonet, Ileana; Morales, Erik (2020)
    A compelling body of evidence has demonstrated that gastric cancer has a very particular tumor microenvironment, a signature very suitable to promote tumor progression and metastasis. Recent investigations have provided ...

  • HMGB1 enhances the protumoral activities of M2 macrophages by a RAGE-dependent mechanism 

    Rojas, Armando ORCID; Delgado-López, Fernando; Pérez-Castro, Ramón; González-Bonet, Ileana; Romero, Jacqueline; Rojas, Israel; Araya, Paulina; Morales-Mejías, Erik; Llano, Jorge; Añazco-Oyarzún, Carolina (2016)
    The monocyte-macrophage lineage shows a high degree of diversity and plasticity. Once they infiltrate tissues,they may acquire two main functional phenotypes, being known as the classically activated type 1 macrophages ...