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  • Estimation of water requirements for a drip-irrigated apple orchard using Landsat 7 satellite images 

    Carrasco-Benavides, Marcos ORCID; Ortega-Farías, Samuel; Ortega-Salazar, Samuel; De la Fuente-Sáiz, Daniel; Allen, Richard; Kilic, Ayse (2017)
    A study was carried out to evaluate the METRIC (Mapping EvapoTranspiration at high Resolution with Internalized Calibration) model to estimate water requirements or actual evapotranspiration (ETa) for a drip-irrigated apple ...

  • Remote sensing model to evaluate the spatial variability of vineyard water requirements 

    Ortega-Farías, Samuel; Fonseca, D.; De la Fuente-Sáiz, Daniel; Kilic, Ayse; Ortega-Salazar, Samuel; Allen, Richard; Carrasco-Benavides, Marcos ORCID (2017)
    The main agricultural areas of Chile will face a significant reduction of rainfall (between 20-40%) due to the global climate change. Also, Chile is periodically affected by the climatic phenomenon of “La Niña” (ENSO), ...