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dc.contributor.authorLosak, T.
dc.contributor.authorMusilová, L.
dc.contributor.authorZatloukalová, A.
dc.contributor.authorSzostková, M.
dc.contributor.authorHlusek, J.
dc.contributor.authorFryč, J.
dc.contributor.authorVítěz, T.
dc.contributor.authorHaitl, M,
dc.contributor.authorvon Bennewitz, Eduardo
dc.contributor.authorMartensson, A.
dc.description.abstractIn a one-year vegetation pot experiment, we compared the eff ect of digestate from a biogas station and mineral fertilisers on yield and quality parameters of kohlrabi, variety Segura F1. Four treatments were used in the trial: 1) untreated control, 2) urea, 3) digestate, 4) urea, triple super phosphate, KCl, MgSO4. The N dose was the same in treatments 2–4, 1.5 g N/pot. In treatment 4 the P, K and Mg doses corresponded to those supplied in the digestate treatment (3). The weight of single kohlrabi bulbs in the unfertilised control was signifi cantly lower (36.2%) than in the urea treatment (100%) and the other fertilised treatments. A er application of digestate (treatment 3) and mineral fertilisers (treatment 4), the weight of single bulbs signifi cantly increased by 36.2 and 33.6%, respectively, compared with the urea treatment (2). The content of ascorbic acid did not diff er between the fertilised treatments (282–301 mg/kg), but was signifi cantly lower than in the unfertilised control (334 mg/kg). There were signifi cant diff erences between all fertilised treatments (2, 3, 4) in bulb nitrate content (745, 187, 462 mg NO3 -/kg fresh matter, respectively). A er digestate application the content decreased signifi cantly, to 187 mg NO3−/kg fresh matter. The soil Nmin content a er harvest varied between 4.19–5.79 mg/kg in all fertilised treatments and the N-NH4 + form prevailed over N-NO3− only in the digestate treatment (3.45/2.34 mg/kg). We recommend the use of digestate to kohlrabi as it results in comparable or better yield and qualitative parameters of kohlrabi compared with mineral fertilizers.es_CL
dc.rightsAtribución-NoComercial-SinDerivadas 3.0 Chile*
dc.sourceActa Universitatis Agriculturae et Silviculturae Mendelianae Brunensis, 60(1), 91-96es_CL
dc.subjectAscorbic acides_CL
dc.subjectMineral fertilizerses_CL
dc.subjectMineral nitrogenes_CL
dc.titleDigestate is equal or a better alternative to mineral fertilization of Kohlrabies_CL
dc.ucm.facultadFacultad de Ciencias Agrarias y Forestaleses_CL

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Atribución-NoComercial-SinDerivadas 3.0 Chile
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